About Linden Tree

Linden Tree Midwifery, LLC provides home birth and birth center midwifery services to low-risk families in the Northern Shenandoah Valley. Linden Tree is run by Meredith Routt, Certified Professional Midwife and Registered Nurse alongside Kim Haines, Certified Professional Midwife. Rounding out their team is Jessica McKee, Certified Doula and Birth Assistant and Katie Black, Registered Nurse, Birth Assistant and Student Midwife. And let us not forget the amazing Jessica Johnson, who keep our practice running smoothly and offers amazing postpartum doula services to our local families. Our birth center is located in the quaint town of Strasburg, VA.

Linden Tree Midwifery, LLC, grew out of a desire to provide midwifery care that is honest, comprehensive, and empowering.

Honest… Many cultures believe that you can’t tell a lie under a linden tree. It is a place where communities come together to make big decisions, a place of celebrations. Our time together as midwife, doula, and family is ceremonious and important, a time for honesty and respect. Your visits are a place where you can feel safe sharing your hopes and concerns. In response, we offer you care that is transparent and rooted in evidence-based information.

Comprehensive…Becoming a parent is more than birthing a child. Beyond discussing all the options within your care, we also explore the many facets of becoming a parent. Together we discuss the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social aspects of childbirth to work towards your best possible pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience.

Empowering…Pregnancy and birth are a powerful time of growth for you and your family, a time when you are rewarded and challenged in many aspects of self. You have innate knowledge that helps guide you through this time. Our role is to provide you with information and discussion that deepens your own knowledge and self-trust.

About Mer, Kim & Jess

Mer, Kim, and Jess are honored to have over 40 collective years of experience in the amazing world of birth! Kim and Jess started their doula partnership nearly 17 years ago, attended each other’s births, and have continued to work together as midwife and doula. Mer and Kim met while working together at a birth center in Harrisonburg, Va. They hit it off immediately and knew their paths would be forever entwined.  Mer and Jess were soon introduced and it wasn’t long before the three of them were inseparable both in and out of the birth community. Meredith and Jess came to work closely with Kim’s small birth practice in Stephens City, Virginia. Since then, Kim ended her own practice and began working at Premier Birth Center, where Mer finished her training as a CPM under Kim’s awesome guidance. Mer then started Linden Tree Midwifery, LLC and insisted that Jess come work with her as a birth assistant. Now they’ve convinced Kim to join them, and they are so excited to have a practice and continue serving women and families together as the dream team!

When we’re not attending births, we’re often recording our podcast, Wine About Birth. It’s fun, edgy and, you guessed it, all about birth! Check it out if you’re cool with strong language and way too much information. When we’re not doing either of these things, we’re probably sitting on Kim’s porch sipping wine (those of us who are off call, that is!). When we’re not together, Kim is likely working on house projects with Chuck and their five kids, Jess is definitely hanging out in the sun and working on her garden, and Mer is probably walking in the woods with Terrence, Penny, Eliza and their dogs.