Labor & Birth Services

Birthing your baby at home allows you and your family to labor in the comfort of your home and birth your baby in a space that is meaningful to you.

For the safety of you and your baby, we attend low-risk women in labor at their home between 37-42 weeks gestation.

At your 36 week visit, we will set up your home for your birth experience. We will organize your birth kit, ensure all supplies are ready, and review setting up the birth pool, if chosen.

We will stay in regular communication throughout your labor, so we can decide together when you would like us to come to your home. Once there, we regularly assess you and baby, offer recommendations to ease or encourage labor, explain any possible interventions, and offer emotional support. We encourage partners to be involved and catch the baby if they’d like. For families who prefer privacy, we’re happy to give you space as long as we can regularly assess mother and baby’s safety throughout labor.

Safety is our first priority and will guide our decisions throughout your labor and birth. For this reason, each birth will be attended by a midwife and a nurse who can give medications during labor and postpartum. With the option to have antibiotics, IV fluids, and emergency medications, you can find a balance between a non-medicalized home birth experience and the safety of modern medicine.

Labor & Birth Services Include:

  • 24/7 On-Call Midwife Starting at 37 weeks
  • Birth Assistant (included in fee)
  • Birth Tub Rental (included in fee)
  • Discounted Doula Services (see Doula Services section)
  • Medications, such as IV Antibiotics and Oxygen, when appropriate (included in fee)
  • Regular Communication throughout Labor
  • Intermittent Fetal Monitoring
  • Regular Assessment of Maternal and Fetal Health
  • Move Freely in Labor
  • Choose Where & What Position to Have Your Baby
  • Choose Which Friends & Family Attend You
  • Water Birth
  • Delayed Cord Clamping
  • Immediate Skin-to-Skin
  • At Least 3 Hours of Immediate Postpartum Care for Mom & Baby
  • Newborn Exam
  • Birth Room Clean-Up & Laundry
  • In Case of Transfer, Midwife Attendance at the Hospital as Support
  • Access to Back-Up Physician