Postpartum Doula Care

Jessie Johnson & Gift of Grace, LLC

Jessie has always had a passion for helping others. After working in the birth community as a birth doula she discovered that there was a missing part to the puzzle for many of her clients. She then discovered that what many of her clients were missing was intimate and continued education and support during the fourth trimester. She then discovered her calling to nourish mothers during this precious transitional time and became a certified postpartum professional through Newborn Mothers Collective.

There is so much support through pregnancy and labor and so much support surrounding baby after delivery, but Jessie found that many mothers were left with the question “What about me?”. Her goal is to provide companionship and emotional/mental support for women during the fourth trimester.

She offers unique postpartum packages that include education in baby care, body work, herbal care, community building, birth processing, light household chores, cooked meals, and continued postpartum support up to a year of your child’s life. She focuses on you, the mother, as a whole because you too have just been born.

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